This Make-Your-Own Italian Soda Bar is a major hit at parties! It’s shown here as part of an Academy Awards Party.

There are different ways to pull this off but one key factor is a menu so guests know how to make them. I happened to have a chalkboard in my kitchen but there are many options on Etsy to get a downloadable poster.

A fun, festive and non-alcoholic addition for any event.

~Elizabeth Curtiss, Happy Mom Life Lab Founder

Here are the steps to duplicate my set up:

1. Create your menu on chalkboard (or print poster as mentioned above).

2. Securely tape round style globe light strings around your chalkboard or poster.

3. Cover the light string cord with gold metallic crepe paper.

4. Put pumps on Italian Syrup options – I’d recommend at least 3 and probably better with 5; bar tending pour spouts also work but kids will tend to go overboard with syrup with them.

5. Add pretty extras like a glass pitcher with half and half, cherries and whipped cream.

6. Use paper straws or pretty stainless ones because guests will need to stir their creations.

7. Provide taller glasses like those featured and if you don’t have any, all rental companies have them for around a quarter each.

8. Right before guests arrive, pour plain sparkling water into a large drink dispenser.

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