It’s not every New Years that has a ring to it like 2020!

As we head into the 3rd decade of the 3rd millienum, it feels like we should mark the year with a bit of extra pizzaz don’t you think?!?

Nothing says celebrations like fun sparkly decorations, and champagne.

~Elizabeth Curtiss, Happy Mom Life Lab Founder

Step 1: Choose Your Color Scheme

Decide it you want to have a black based theme or go with something like white, cream or a color.

Step 2: Anchor Your Tabletop or Buffet Set Up With a Good Tablecloth

Buy or rent a tablecloth in your main color.

I like the Amazon option of this well priced black tablecloth (that’s also available in many other colors) or if you’d like a shiny version you could opt for this more expensive model.

I’ve found that for the price of renting I can just buy on Amazon and since it’s quite a lot more elegant to have real fabric, I’m a much bigger fan of fabric than paper or plastic.

Because there are so many super fun and classy disposable plates, if you want to cut down on clean up &/or costs, go this route and elevate them with fabric tablecloths.

Step 3: Choose Your Decor Look

Before you hit the internet scouring for stylish NYE decor, stroll the dollar bins at Target this year! They have two color schemes for NYE, and while I really adored both of them, I opted for the black, gold and silver option instead of the copper and rose gold pattern.

Other chic choices for stylish NYE supplies like noise makers, hats, banners and more are Oh Happy Day, Ellie and Piper, and Paper Source.

And if you’re more of a last minute gal, there always this tissue puffs and balloon combo pack on Amazon.

Step 4: Finalize your table top decisions

If you didn’t opt for disposable plates, choose your china.

My go to dinner plates are plain white from Target and only a few dollars each, but I went a bit more formal with my platinum banded wedding china (discontinued).

Most rental companies have great metallic trim china for very low prices.

I went with these gold chargers but note you need to order right away to have them in time for NYE. In the past, for larger groups I’ve also been happy with this disposable option.

There are times that I like the paper options for napkins better than cloth ones, but here I went with simple white linen napkins.

Again, make the call depending on what decor look you like best.

I’m a stickler when it comes to champagne glasses because toasting with plastic just isn’t the same as with crystal or glass. And unless it’s a huge crowd, I feel the same way about using real flatware over disposable.

Step 5: Get Creative with Decor

I bought the disco ball light stands thinking they’d look amazing strung along my chandelier yet when I tried it I didn’t like the look at all. Instead of chalking it up to wasted money, I used them snaking along the table adding dimension and fun to the decorations.

Next, I took the Target Dollar Bin Pop, Fizz, Clink banner apart and layered them along the table. I kept the textured puff balls on one size of each word then scattered the remaining ones here and there on the table. And last, I hole punches gold paper I had at home for confetti because I forgot to buy it at Target. Either work of course!

Step 6: Set up a Self Serve Bar Area Along With an Attended Bar

In addition to a simple bar area like the one below, I like walking around with Champagne and French 75 cocktails on a tray.

Steven often tends the bar at least for the first hour or so crafting Manhattans or a signature cocktail.

Step 7: Choose a Simple Menu

After surviving two holidays that have big meals connected to them, just keep NYE fare simple.

If you plan to party to midnight or later, you probably should offer a late night snack or early morning hearty breakfast. In either case, I strongly suggest something made in advance like crock pot pulled pork or a breakfast casserole.

Step 8: Set a Timer for Just Before Midnight, Relax and Pop Open the Champagne!

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