Ahhh, “Freeze Game”…one of my favorite games. Why? Because it motivates the kids to clean! And it’s super simple so even the youngest toddlers can play!

Here's How:

1. Get access to music and the ability for you and your children to be able to press play and pause.

I usually use my iPhone and turn on Amazon MusicSirius XM, Spotify or Pandora, but any radio or music system worksSirius XM, is running special right now by the way – $8.25 per month and they give you an Amazon Dot free! Sounds like a good gift for dad doesn’t it? And yes, that’s called a win/win!

2. Pick a fun playlist or album like any Kids Bop Option and crank up the volume!

3. When the music is playing, you and your kids pick up the toys and put them away as fast as you all can.

4. When the music pauses, you freeze and wait for the music to start playing again so that you can continue picking up.

The first couple times we played the game, I was the only person allowed to direct the music. Later, I allowed them to take turns pressing play and pause and they love it!

I can't say this enough: learning and enforcing systems with children through fun is the path of least resistance (it won't even feel like a “chore” any more.)

~Elizabeth Curtiss, Happy Mom Life Lab Founder

And best of all? The entire play area can be cleaned up in the length of one or two songs!! Whoooo Hoo! Mom for the win!

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