I loved how this party set up turned out and it was probably the easiest to do of any that I can remember! Major score, right?!? Since there's not a lot of time left before the big day, I'm highlighting things that have either quick ship options or instant downloadable choices. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, Target 2 Day Shipping and Etsy!!!

My two favorite touches are shown below and both were incredibly simple:

  • The Super Bowl chalkboard poster was a custom edit from PPJ Shop on Etsy. However, now that she created it for me, just message Brandy and she'll send a copy of it out to you stat. Here is a similar version by PPJ Shop for immediate download too. I edged the poster with yellow crete paper folded in half to mimick a goal post. To make your own goal post: just fold bright yellow crete paper in half and secure inside the paper with small pieces of double stick tape at top, middle and bottom of each strip; then tape the strips to your background in goal post configuration.

The backdrop details:

  • Extra large chalkboard. Earlier this year we used a piece of high grade plywood and chalkboard paint to create the board shown here. It made a wonderful backdrop to the table and I had fun drawing fake footbal plays on the sides for an easy, fun touch. Note: the chalk paint takes longer periods of time to cure so this is not a quick DIY. Maybe opt for a roll of black butcher paper instead? You can turn a piece of white chalk on its side and lightly rub on fresh paper for a chalkboard effect.
  • Awesome graphic portraits of both quarterbacks (above) are another awesome, instant download pick from Etsy. The artist didn't have an image done for Jimmy Garopollo until I message him, but now it is available along with many other NFL quarterback and other players.
  • The #1 hand is yet another instant download from K&K Party Designs on Etsy and it is part of a huge set that also included the football printable cover for the can that's holding my forks and knives. This set by the way is a fantastic value for less than $15 as it's got so many options like banners, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels and more in it. I printed the #1 hand on to cardstock and taped it to a sturdy glass votive and set it on top of the stacked cake plates in order to create a balance with the football vase.

Table decorations couldn't have been much easier:

  • The metallic pom poms came already assembled and it may sounds silly, but I tried a few other brands on Amazon (like these ) and the ones shown were much better quality for only a few dollars more.
  • The stacking glass cake plates are vintage but any clear glass cake plates will work as long as the bottom one is a bit bigger than the top.
  • The red and yellow napkin displays (see above and below pics) were super cute yet incredibly easy – just use double stick tape to adhere the Penalty Flag and Challenge Flag signs on stainless low buckets. For a bit more decor, I stuck marbles in an open napkin of each color and twisted them a bit to look like the weighted flag the refs throw.

Food and Drink Details:

  • Marla Smith's delicious Stromboli is a fantastic finger food option that's hearty enough for a meal which is awesome since folks generally show up with big appetites.

Another fantastic option is our Thai chicken wings (below) because you don't need to serve with the extra dipping sauces you need with traditional wings.

  • I kept it super simple with the drink options and served plain sparkling water with lime wedges on the buffet table and we had a “white” bar set up nearby for those that wanted to top off with something a little harder. The bottles are repurposed Starbucks Frappucinos and I did my DIY trick to make the black and white striped paper straws taller.
  • Brownies were a store bought mix with “laces” done with tube white frosting to. I did make a pattern out of paper for the footballs to make them identically sized but you could free hand cut them if you'd like.
  • Cupcakes were also a store bought cake mix but were topped with homemade buttercream frosting that was tinted green and rolled in green sparkle sugar. Note: no matter how much green food dye I used, I couldn't get the frosting the correct color so be sure to get the green sugar for a good look.
  • Last, simple store bought snacks like popcorn and Chex mix are always crowd pleasers. Again, I avoided messy dips 🙂

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